2012/024: Publication of CMS Technical Series No. 26 - Conserving Cetaceans and Manatees in the Western African Region

The new UNEP/CMS publication “Conserving cetaceans and manatees in the western African region” is now available online as part of the CMS Technical Series on the CMS Website.

This publication is a compilation of articles based on the Scientific Symposium of the Western African Talks on Cetaceans and their Habitats (WATCH), held in Tenerife, Spain, in 2007. The information has since then been updated by the authors as of 2010.

This volume provides information on the conservation status of cetaceans and manatees in western Africa and Macaronesia, as well as their biology, distribution, threats faced and conservation actions. The publication is also available in French and Spanish and paper copies will be produced in the next weeks.

For further information on this publication, please contact Ms. Ana Berta García, at agarcia@cms.int

Last updated on 26 March 2014