2012/027: Third Meeting of Signatories to the MOU on the Great Bustard

The Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species is pleased to notify the date and venue of the following meetings:

The Great Bustard Scientific Symposium and the Third Meeting of the Signatories to the UNEP/CMS Memorandum of Understanding on the
Conservation and Management of the Middle-European Population of the Great Bustard (Otis tarda): 8-12 April 2013, Szarvas, Hungary

Formal invitations will be issued by the Secretariat in due course. Further details will be available soon on http://www.cms.int/species/otis_tarda/otis_tarda_meetings.htm.

For further information on the Meetings, please contact Melanie Virtue: mvirtue@cms.int.

Last updated on 28 March 2014