Year of the Bat steps up Information Campaign

3 May 2012
- New Year of the Bat (YoB) promotional
and educational materials have been launched to support
the global outreach of the campaign under the CMS Secretariat.
The double-sided campaign poster is available in English
on the front and either French, Spanish and German on the
back. It was produced with the kind support of the Federal
Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear
Safety of Germany.

The message of the poster clearly shows
that bats are an essential part of biodiversity. Bats provide
important ecosystem services as pollinators of our green
planet. In the tropical forests some plants flower only
at night to attract bats. Several agricultural plants partly
rely on bats for pollination or seed dispersal. In addition,
bats are able to boost crops by acting as pest control agent.

This unique capacity is featured in the
fourth edition of the YoB Bat Chat. While we are heading
towards Rio+20, we learn how Brazilian bats help boost cotton
crops in the United States. YoB Ambassador Rodrigo Medellín
and co-author of the study on Brazilian bats also reported
on educational activities that took place in Mexico.

The topics of this YoB Bat Chat disclose
a new regional concept. This newsletter is dedicated to
bats and how they are perceived in the Americas. As the
campaign is spreading its wings beyond Europe in its second
year, the following editions will focus on Africa, Asia
and Australia.

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