The World Migratory Bird Day Team Presents the 2012 Website and Poster

World Migratory Bird Day 2012 PosterBonn,
14 March 2012
- Each year on the second weekend
in May, dedicated people and organizations plan World Migratory
Bird Day events to celebrate migrating birds in their region
and to raise awareness about the need for their protection.
Since World Migratory Bird Day began in 2006, events have
been carried out in 104 countries and we hope this year
even more people and countries will join the global celebration.

On their epic journeys spanning thousands
of kilometres, migratory birds connect continents, cultures
and people along their migration routes. World Migratory
Bird Day 2012 and this year’s theme Migratory
birds and people - together through time
the vital relationship between birds and people.


Considering the cultural, social, historic,
economic and spiritual connections we have with birds, it
becomes clear that migratory birds and people are inseparably
connected in many different ways and on many different levels.
At the same time, many human activities including excessive
land use and unsustainable hunting, as well as the impacts
of climate change, fishing by-catch and pollution gravely
threaten migratory bird populations around the world.

This year’s poster portrays the 2012
World Migratory Bird Day theme Migratory birds and people
– together through time, highlighting the many connections
and historic links between migratory birds and people in
a truly global way. Humanity’s fascination with migratory
birds is evident in the symbolism throughout history in
many ancient cultural legends. For example, in Egypt the
ancient falcon-headed god Horus and in Peru the Nazca line
monuments are testaments to migratory birds’ strong
influences on past cultures. Also, many groups and cultures
continue to rely economically on migratory birds for their
livelihoods, for example through subsistence and the growing
global ecotourism and birdwatching industry.

The phenomenon of bird migration is crucial
to the web of life, as migrating birds act as indicators
of biodiversity, ecosystem health and climate change. Migratory
birds also provide essential ecological benefits and services,
such as pollination, to the ecosystems we rely on to survive.

We are pleased to offer this year’s
poster in English, French, Spanish and German and free poster
packages can be ordered by organizers to support and help
promote their events.

Support migratory birds through
an event!

Join the celebration of a great natural
wonder on World Migratory Bird Day! We invite everyone to
join us to celebrate, protect and raise awareness of migratory
birds on 12-13 May 2012 by organizing bird-watching events,
educational programmes, lectures, art exhibitions, competitions
and other public events. However you decide to participate,
your contribution will help make a difference!

We encourage all event organizers to register
their events on the WMBD website so we can add them to the
WMBD Event Map at:

You can also keep in touch with the growing
World Migratory Bird Day community and get updates on the
campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


Last updated on 16 June 2014