On Verdi's Wings - Italian Opera Choir Will Sing for Migratory Birds

10 April 2013
- For the first time, a charity concert will be held to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.  On Saturday, 11 May  in Bonn, the opera choir Corale Lirica San Rocco from Bologna, Italy, will be singing a selection of works by Verdi  in the Namen Jesu Church.

Fernando Spina, the Chair of the CMS Scientific Council, is one of the choir members. He suggested having this special event to mark this year’s World Migratory Bird Day. The choir builds a bridge between the song of incoming migratory birds announcing the arrival of spring and opera singing expressing human emotions. The event also marks the bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi at the same time, so works of the famous Italian opera composer make up the programme.

The CMS and AEWA Secretariats invite bird and music lovers to enjoy this unique artistic performance in the recently renovated Baroque church. Donations made at the concert will be used to support the conservation of the Grey Crowned Crane, an endangered species. The Grey Crowned Crane is an iconic African bird known for its beauty and grace. It is a highly sought-after bird by zoos and private collectors, which has been causing a serious threat to the wild population as cranes are being taken in large numbers to be traded across the world.

Legal and illegal international trade as well as human pressure on the natural habitats of the species have led to a continuous decline. As a result the species has been classified as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. In order to counteract the threats causing this species’ decline, AEWA has launched an inter-governmental action planning process to agree on coordinated measures to secure the future of the Grey Crowned Crane.

Flyer with concert programme (in German)

Inside and outside

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