Two Top-Twenty Spots for CMS Family Projects

Siberian Cranes in flight © ICFBonn,
7 November 2011
- The Global Environment Facility
(GEF) has just published a list of the best twenty projects
it has funded to showcase twenty years of engagement in
the field of environmental protection.

Among the top twenty are two projects with
strong involvement from the CMS Family. One is the “Development
of a Wetland Site and Flyway Network for Conservation of
the Siberian Crane and Other Migratory Waterbirds in Asia”.
This project was closely linked to the CMS MOU for the species
and both the CMS Secretariat and its main MOU-partner, the
Wisconsin-based NGO, the International Crane Foundation,
played a significant part. The second is “Enhancing
Conservation of the Critical Network of Sites of Wetlands
Required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian
Flyways (Wings Over Wetlands) WOW”, in which the AEWA
Secretariat was part of the implementing partnership. This
is a further accolade for the WOW project, which has already
won the Esri award for the best interactive web map for
its Critical Site Network Tool.

UNEP is, along with UNDP and the World
Bank, an Implementing Agency of the GEF and is the only
GEF Agency whose core business is the environment.

the full Top-20 list on the GEF Website]



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