SPREP hires Convention on Migratory Species Pacific Officer (CMSPO) Penina Solomona

Penina SolomonaApia,
23 January 2012
- Having graduated from the University
of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine
Ecology and Biology, Penina’s interest in migratory
species became focused when tasked with building a marine
species programme for WWF South Pacific office operating
out of the Fiji Islands. Over the span of nine years, Penina
has engaged school children, local communities, government,
non-government and intergovernmental agencies, corporate
bodies and the media to strengthen the protection of marine
turtles and whales in Fiji and other parts of the Pacific.

The signatories to the Pacific Cetaceans
MoU strongly requested CMS at their second meeting to provide
a Coordinator for this MoU. Voluntary contributions have
meanwhile been secured to establish such a temporary position
for the duration of one year. The total costs are co-funded
by SPREP, Dugong MoU and CMS. This position will further
strengthen migratory species conservation through the implementation
of CMS and relevant instruments in the Pacific Islands region,
including the MoUs for the conservation of Pacific Islands
Cetaceans, Dugongs, Sharks and their related Action Plans.
Penina will also be contributing to the implementation of
the SPREP and CMS Joint Work Plan; and any other work programme
activities relating to issues of common interest in the
countries of the Pacific Islands region. So far only funds
have been secured for the first year and one of Penina’s
tasks will be to raise additional funds for the following
year. Any support in this respect would be highly welcome.

Finally - and interestingly - Penina had
signed the Pacific Cetaceans MoU on behalf of WWF South
Pacific and is now on board to support its implementation.


Last updated on 16 June 2014