Serengeti Photo Exhibition Opens at Museum Koenig

30 May 2012
- A photo exhibition on “Serengeti
– a wonder of evolution” opened today at the
Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn.

Under the patronage of the German Federal
Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation und Nuclear
Safety, the Museum presents the exhibition of wildlife photographer
Uwe Skrzypczak with more than 60 large size prints on canvas.

In addition to animal portraits and spectacular
views of magnificent landscapes, the exhibition provides
fascinating insights into Serengeti’s natural cycle,
rainy season, migration and predation. Lions, zebras, eagles,
elephants and African wild dogs present themselves as a
central element of the unique Serengeti ecosystem.

In her statement, the Parliamentary Secretary
of State Ms. Ursula Heinen-Esser emphasized the efforts
of the Ministry to preserve the Serengeti ecosystem as one
of the Earth’s last remaining animal sanctuaries.
CMS was among the many organizations that urged the United
Republic of Tanzania to reconsider plans for a road that
would have led to the fragmentation of the world famous
national park.

CMS was represented at the opening event
as a partner organization. The CMS Secretariat supports
the exhibition as a means of highlighting the need to conserve
this fragile ecosystem. Migratory species such as elephants,
cheetahs and African wild dogs are listed on the Appendices
of the Convention. The Serengeti’s animal kingdom
and its migrations sustain a whole network of ecosystems.
Education as a means of species conservation helps to preserve
this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Click here
or on the image to see the Exhibition catalogue (in German)


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