Sahelo Saharan Interest Group Meets in Tunisia

Bonn, Germany, 10 May 2019 – The 19th Meeting of the Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group took place in Gammarth, Tunisia from 30 April to 2 May 2019. The meeting was organized by the Sahara Conservation Fund and hosted by the Government of Tunisia. The objective of the meeting was to share experience on the conservation of Sahelo-Saharan species, which include antelopes, giraffes and ostriches among others.

His Excellency, Minister Mr Samir Taïeb of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries of the Government of Tunisia opened the meeting and highlighted the historical leadership and important role the CMS Secretariat has played in the Concerted Actions for the Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna. For further details of the Concerted Actions, please see here.

The meeting saw more than 40 presentations from the government representatives, scientists and NGOs engaged in the conservation of the Sahelo-Saharan species. Among the highlights was an account of the reintroduction programme of Scimitar-Horned Oryx.

At the meeting, the CMS Secretariat presented a proposal for the organization of the Third Regional Seminar on the Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna Concerted Actions. The meeting welcomed this proposal from CMS and participants put forward suggestions on how the seminar could be organized The CMS Secretariat will continue preparing the Third Regional Seminar together with the Range States and the Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group.

The 20th Meeting of the Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group will be held in Almeria, Spain in May 2020.

For more information please contact Kanako Hasegawa from the CMS Secretariat Terrestrial Unit.


Last updated on 14 May 2019

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