Promoting a Network Approach to Conservation

Bonn, 12 October 2017 - Migratory species rely on a network of interlinked habitats throughout their journeys, including for feeding, resting and breeding. But their dependence on multiple sites makes them particularly vulnerable: When one or more of these habitats is fragmented by a road or dam, for example, or destroyed by human activity, such as agriculture or mining, it can impact on the species’ long- term survival. 

The challenge for conservationists is to know where to intervene and what to prioritize in these complex networks, which often reach across multiple national boundaries and cover vast expanses of ocean, sky or land.

A resolution will be presented at CMS COP12, which aims to draw attention to the connectivity-related aspects of conservation strategies and the importance of cooperation and shared efforts across countries and continents to protect migratory animals.

The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) is uniquely placed to foster multinational agreements, for example, to protect corridors along migratory routes linking key sites. Conservation interventions should consider the requirements of the animals concerned throughout their entire range and lifecycle, the proposal suggests.

Habitat destruction and fragmentation are primary threats to migratory species. The identification and conservation of habitats of appropriate quality, extent, distribution and connectivity are of paramount importance in both the terrestrial and marine environments, the draft resolution says.

The proposal, which consolidates past resolutions, stresses the need for habitat protection and international cooperation as well as for active local community support.

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