New Report: Moulting Shelduck in the Wadden Sea 2010-2012

click here to read the reportBonn/Wilhelmshaven,
15 August 2013
- The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat
has released a new report on migratory birds in the Wadden
Sea. In the past almost all the West European Shelducks
moulted in the German part of the Wadden Sea, where they
have been systematically counted and reached up to 200,000
birds since the late 1980s. In the last years about a quarter
of the moulting Shelducks in the Wadden Sea shifted from
the German to the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea for yet unknown
reasons. In order to conduct a systematic monitoring of
the Shelduck, which is a Natura 2000 species, in addition
to German counts the presented study recommends trilaterally
harmonized counts also in the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands
and Denmark, if possible, combined with summer counts of
(moulting) Eider.cially appreciated. The final version of
the Action Plan will be distributed and adopted during the
first meeting of the signatories.

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