In Memory of Peter Pueschel

Bonn, 1 July 2015 - it was with deep regret and great sadness that the CMS Secretariat team heard about the sudden death of Peter Pueschel, Director for International Environmental Agreements at the International Fund for Animal Welfare on 29 June 2015.

Peter was a true champion for migratory species conservation, who with passion and skill worked with stakeholders at all levels. His support was crucial for the conservation of elephants, cetaceans, sharks and many other species.

Peter was always a pleasure to work with or meet socially – his friendly, humorous personality will be fondly remembered and sorely missed!

We take comfort in knowing that Peter’s work will live on both through the projects and programmes he was part of and through the people that he inspired.

We have lost one of our greatest supporters but we owe it to his legacy to continue to meet those challenges head on, to the best of our abilities.

Last updated on 01 July 2015