Malaysia signs IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU

Bonn, 26 September 2011
- The Secretariat welcomes the news that Malaysia has joined
the Indian Ocean – South-East Asian Marine Turtle
Memorandum of Understanding, making it the instrument’s
33rd Signatory State. The Honourable Dato’ Ahamad
Sabki bin Mahmood, Director-General of the Department of
Fisheries Malaysia, signed the agreement on 19 September
2011. It can be said that Malaysia is the birthplace of
this particular Memorandum of Understanding, because the
text of the IOSEA agreement was negotiated and concluded
in July 2000 in Kuantan.

Deputy Executive Secretary Bert Lenten
said “I am delighted that Malaysia has joined the
CMS Family by signing IOSEA and I hope to be able to welcome
Malaysia as a Party to CMS in the near future, because it
is a Range State to many other migratory animals including
numerous species of birds.”

the full story on the IOSEA MOU website] 


Last updated on 16 June 2014