Living Planet: Connected Planet

11 May 2012
- The French and Spanish e-books of
the “Living Planet: Connected Planet” publication
(Planète vivante - Planète connectée
and Planeta vivo - Planeta conectado) are now available
on the GRID-Arendal
and CMS
websites. The English version was launched in November 2011
at the COP10 in Norway and has ever since provided strong
arguments for why ecological networks are vital for migratory

On land, in the water and in the air,
animals on the move depend on the availability of critical
sites during their annual journeys. These world wildlife
hubs are vital for the animals to refuel and reproduce –
one missing link can jeopardize an entire population. The
publication illustrates that much like modern transport
systems with airports, railways and roads, migratory species
have similar networks spanning the globe. Many of these
hubs are under intense pressure from human development and
the exploitation of natural resources.

The publication was made possible thanks
to support from Norway and illustrates just how close collaboration
between different countries must be to ensure that migratory
wild animals can continue to travel, refuel and reach their
destinations. The availability of this landmark document
in all three working languages of the Convention should
help to further strengthen such collaboration.


Last updated on 16 June 2014