The ivory trade - still fueling poaching 25 years after a global ban

The international ivory trade was banned in 1989 - so why has poaching again reached crisis levels in recent years? European sales of elephant tusks could be putting this iconic species in danger.

When the international ivory trade was banned in 1989, the African elephant's collision course with extinction seemed to have been averted. Populations began to bounce back after a decade of slaughter that more than halved their numbers worldwide.

Yet more than a quarter of a century on, there is still a thriving legal trade in ivory. And the European Union is a major player in it - exporting the prized material to the growing Asian market.

Conservationists say that undermines the ban and is fueling illegal trade, as a renewed poaching crisis claims the lives of 30,000 African elephants each year.

Last updated on 15 February 2016