International Symposium on Community-Based Natural Resource Management

27 December 2011 - The proceedings of the
international symposium on community-based natural resource
management (CBNRM), and its relevance to the conservation
and sustainable use of CITES-listed species in exporting
countries (18-20 May 2011, Vienna), which CMS supported,
have just been published by the IUCN Species Survival Commission

The symposium which was co-organized by the Austrian Ministry
of the Environment and the European Commission highlighted
the importance of creating incentives for the conservation
of terrestrial biodiversity, including migratory species.
In their paper, CMS Executive Secretary Elizabeth Maruma
Mrema and Associate Scientific and Technical Officer Aline
Kühl highlighted that communities play a vital role
for conserving animals on the move, but that due to the
large ranges of migratory species, often across numerous
countries, it was not an easy task for communities to fairly
and sustainably manage their resources. Biodiversity treaties
such as CITES and CMS have a significant responsibility
in creating sound incentives for community-based conservation.

full publication is available on the IUCN SSC website.






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