Friends of CMS Launch Species Conservation Calendar 2012

Munich, 12 September 2011 - Friends of CMS organized the launch of an impressive  Species Conservation Calendar together with CMS, AGA (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Artenschutz, Working Group on Species Conservation), ZGF (Frankfurt Zoological Society and Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe  e.V. that works to conserve mountain gorillas. These organizations will all benefit from the proceeds of the sale of this calendar.

The actor and conservationist, Hannes Jaenicke, who is Chair of the Friends of CMS and patron of this project said. “The calendar is a great opportunity to educate people about wildlife conservation and to provide these organizations that stand up for endangered species with the financial support they need.”

CMS, represented by Ms. Andrea Pauly, was the first organization to deliver a statement. She thanked the publisher and his project “” as well as the printers Druckpartner for this unique initiative. In addition, she paid tribute to the work of Friends of CMS and in particular Hannes Jaenicke. After a short introduction to the Convention, Ms. Pauly presented the Eurasian Aridlands Mammals Initiative and highlighted in particular threats to the Saiga Antelope from poaching and illegal trade in its horn. Moreover she reported on CMS’s support for an NGO based in DR Congo, which helped to crack down on poachers and traders of bushmeat.

Andrea Pauly and Til Macke © Radmila KerlThe
treasurer of Friends of CMS and member of the board, Til
Macke informed the media about the research project on alternative
electronic devices to avoid bycatch of harbour porpoises
in the Baltic and North Seas. The first phase of the project,
entirely funded by the association, had already been completed.
Another focus was put on a bushmeat projects. Mr. Macke
presented an initiative to address poaching and illegal
bushmeat trade in Nairobi, Kenya, where a forensic laboratory
will be set up in order to find out whether samples are
indeed bushmeat. He highlighted the need for supply in additional
equipment and for training of personnel. More funds were
needed to examine samples on regional markets to identify
bushmeat. According to official records at least one million
tons of bushmeat are harvested in Africa every year. Gorilla
meat can be found also on the menus of restaurants in Europe,
he said. This project could help to reduce bushmeat trade
and contribute to CMS’s efforts to tackle threats
to gorillas.

Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe reported on a project to provide rangers with equipment to protect gorillas in DR Congo. AGA promoted a cheetah project in Namibia, while the Frankfurt Zoological Society reported on efforts to reintroduce orang utans into the wild and restore ecosystems in Indonesia. ZGF informed also about a new approach to buy forest concessions for 99 years in order to protect vital habitats from logging for the remaining urang utans, forest elephants and tigers in that area.  

All participants emphasized the fact that it was most remarkable that different organizations worked together with private sponsors for the sake of nature and species conservation. Hannes Jaenicke concluded by saying that he wished to see this calendar in any medical practice to convey the message of the need to conserve these charismatic species to a maximum of people.

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