COP 11 - First Call for Offers to Host CMS COP in 2014!

Bonn, 2 November 2011
- The Secretariat would like to seek initial offers to host
the 11th Meeting of the CMS Conference of Parties in 2014.

CoP 11 will be due in the period October
- December 2014. By then CMS is expecting to have 120 Parties.
Total attendance including observers is estimated at 450-500.
The normal cycle for CMS CoP meetings is a two-day Scientific
Council, followed by a further two-day period (which can
be a weekend) during which a Standing Committee is held
and side meetings convened (including possible MoPs of species
agreements) and the Scientific Council Report prepared.
The next six days are allocated to the CoP itself including
a one-day excursion for delegates. Other meetings including
species agreement MoPs can also be added before or after
this nine-day “core period”. Any country willing
to offer to host the meetings will at the very least have
to meet the costs of the CoP itself and make a considerable
contribution towards its organization. Responsibility for
the subsidiary events (Standing Committee, Scientific Council
and species agreement MoPs etc) can be subject to negotiation
with the Secretariat.

All offers for venues in Party States should
be submitted to the CMS Secretariat through the Party focal
point for CMS. Any non-Party State interested in offering
to host the CoP should initially contact the Secretariat

Any formal offer received by the time
of the Conference will be considered under Item 28 of the
provisional Agenda at CoP10 (click
in November 2011.

The Secretariat remains available to advise
and provide further detailed information to any country
that is thinking of submitting an offer to host CoP 11.



Last updated on 16 June 2014