Colombia signs Sharks MOU

The CMS Secretariat welcomes Colombia as the 27th country signing the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks (Sharks MOU) with effect from 1 November 2013. The original signature block was received this week. At the signing ceremony the Minister of Environment of Colombia, Luz Helena Sarmiento, declared “These legendary species are seriously threatened and through these initiatives we will succeed to unite all countries in their efforts to protect animals - not only Colombia’s but also all humanity’s”. The Sharks MOU is the first global instrument for the conservation of migratory species of sharks. The legally non-binding international instrument aims to achieve and maintain a favourable conservation status for migratory sharks. Efforts are based on the best available scientific information and take into account the socio-economic value of these species for the people in various countries. By signing the Sharks MOU, Colombia became the third South American country to sign the Memorandum - together with Chile and Costa Rica. In this region, four shark species will benefit from conservation measures under the Sharks MOU: the Whale Shark, the Basking Shark, the Shortfin and Longfin Mako Shark. Seven species of sharks are listed in Annex I of the MOU. The Basking Shark, Great White Shark and the Whale Shark belong to the largest shark species of the world. The Longfin Mako Shark, Porbeagle, Shortfin Mako Shark and Spiny Dogfish are also covered by the Sharks MOU.

Last updated on 08 April 2014

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