CMS Family Staff in Search of Bonn’s Bats

Bonn, 21 August 2015- In advance of the forthcoming annual “International Bat Night”, the UNEP/EUROBATS Secretariat organized a bat excursion to the Kottenforst, a 55-square-kilometre large nature reserve close to Bonn. Some 25 staff, interns, relatives and friends had the opportunity to hear fascinating facts about bats and to see them up close.

Bat expert, Martin Koch and his team explained their monitoring and field work activities in the context of an “EU LIFE” project they are conducting at this designated Natura 2000 site.

More information about the International Bat Night, being held for the 19th time, on 29-30 August, can be found on the EUROBATS website.

Last updated on 21 August 2015

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Terrestrial mammals