CMS and AEWA Establish Common Team to Strengthen Information and Outreach

Bonn, 28 January 2014 - A new pilot phase of shared services between the UNEP/CMS and UNEP/AEWA Secretariats has started to explore synergies and the mutual benefits arising from common services in the areas of information management, communication and outreach. In accordance with efforts spearheaded by UNEP and set out in the landmark Rio +20 document, “the Future We Want” seeking greater coherence among MEAs, AEWA and CMS Parties have taken  a bold step emulating the pioneering work of the “Chemicals Cluster” – the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions – to pool resources and intensify their already extensive collaboration.

The Chairs for the Standing Committees of both CMS and AEWA gave the green light to initiate the process after reviewing an analysis and proposal on shared services prepared by CMS Executive Secretary, Bradnee Chambers. 

The pilot is the culmination of the CMS Future Shape process at COP10 as laid down in Resolution 10.9, a document that constitutes a cornerstone for the future organization and the strategic development of the CMS Family. The decision also comes in response to recent requests made by both the 9th AEWA and 41st   CMS Standing Committees.

The new CMS/AEWA Information Management, Communication and Outreach Team will consist of staff members and consultants from both Secretariats and will be coordinated by an Information Officer. One of the goals of the new team will be to elaborate a joint communication strategy and to make CMS and AEWA more known, especially amongst the broader public.

The team will be supervised by the CMS Executive Secretary who will work closely with the Executive Officer of AEWA in giving direction to the team to ensure that the pilot will be mutually beneficial for both CMS and AEWA and a good example of shared services and synergies between the two Secretariats.

Last updated on 31 January 2014