Census of Marine Life

Bonn, 27 June 2011 - An
ambitious project, the “Census of Marine Life”,
the largest inventory of marine life ever to have been compiled,
has begun to bear fruit.

A team of marine biologists
and computer experts from the Hopkins Marine Station at
Stanford University first gathered in 1999 to determine
who best to chart the migration of a range of marine species,
as diverse as sharks, whales, tuna fish, seals and turtles.
The process used, called “tagging of Pacific predators”
(TOPP) has now given the experts a clearer picture of the
routes followed by the animals and it now seems that there
is a “highway” for sharks in the oceans.

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on the website of Nature, the international weekly journal
on science click here.
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“Der Spiegel” (in German). Click here.

Last updated on 16 June 2014