Call for Comments on the CMS Strategic Plan Strategic Plan

Dave PritchardBonn,
10 August 2012
- The Conference of Parties in Resolution
10.5 decided to develop a new Strategic Plan for the Convention
for the period 2015-2023, and established a regionally-balanced
Working Group of Parties, chaired by Ms Ines Verleye of
Belgium, to take this forward.

A consultant, Mr Dave Pritchard, has been
appointed to support the process. Dave is currently compiling
views from stakeholders on lessons learned from implementation
of the current Strategic Plan, as well as ideas on the content
of the future Plan. We would like input to this work from
as many people as possible. Please contact
at for further details, and to provide
your thoughts and experiences (by 21 August please).

Further information about the Working Group is available
on a dedicated
on the CMS Website.

The current Strategic Plan can be found
- version
- versión



Last updated on 16 June 2014