AEWA MOP 5 Preparatory Workshop: Focus on the African Initiative

workshop participants © M-T Kaemper, UNEP/AEWALa
Rochelle, 15 May 2012
- The AEWA African preparatory
workshop to the 5th Meeting of the Parties to AEWA (MOP
5) took place on 12-13 May 2012 in the city of La Rochelle
in France. An independent facilitation team conducted the
workshop and provided further support to the finalization
of the draft AEWA Plan of Action for Africa. The workshop
was held in a participatory and interactive manner through
discussions and thematic group sessions which enabled the
Parties to establish and consolidate common positions on
key issues of relevance to Africa and to prepare for effective
participation at the AEWA MOP 5.

Delegates from 25 different African countries,
represented by a good number of common CMS and AEWA national
focal points, actively participated in the workshop. The
CMS and AEWA joint capacity building activities were further
discussed in the thematic group on CEPA (Communication,
Education and Public Awareness) and Capacity Building. The
Parties gave their support - and provided further suggestions
- for the joint capacity building project in the African
region which is funded through the ENRTP Strategic Cooperation
Agreement (SCA) between European Commission - DG Environment
and UNEP.

workshop participants © M-T Kaemper, UNEP/AEWA

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