2024/005: Arrangements for Hosting of CMS COP15

The CMS Secretariat is pleased to provide an update with regard to possible hosting arrangements for CMS COP15. 

Pursuant to Notification 2023/024 of 30 August 2023, the Secretariat called for expressions of interest in hosting COP15.  It received responses from two governments shortly thereafter, and provided additional information as to the requirements for hosting a CMS COP. Following those communications, neither government indicated an interest in hosting COP15.

The Secretariat is pleased to note that during and immediately following CMS COP14, it received strong expressions of interest from two additional governments to host COP15 in 2026. Both governments had already sent informal inquiries to the Secretariat regarding hosting COP15, prior to COP14.

The Secretariat would like to remind those Parties and non-Parties that may have an interest in hosting COP15 that, in line with Paragraph 8 of Resolution 11.5, they are invited to inform the Secretariat of such interest no later than 180 days from the conclusion of COP14.  

Consistent with past practice, the Secretariat notes that Paragraph 8 of Resolution 11.5 does not prevent the Standing Committee from reviewing and deciding on offers received to host COP15 within this timeframe. In the view of the Secretariat, and after consultation with the Chair of the Standing Committee, it is in the best interests of CMS for a decision to be made on the hosting of COP15 as soon as practicable so as to allow preparations to move forward.  

Therefore, Parties and non-Parties interested in hosting COP15 are strongly encouraged to express their interest as soon as possible and no later than 21 March 2024. Formal proposals will be requested from the two governments that have already provided strong interest in hosting COP15.  Should additional governments express their interest by 21 March, the way forward will be discussed with the Standing Committee Chair. All proposals received will be presented to the Standing Committee for consideration.

Should you wish to express interest in hosting COP and receive more information on technical and logistical requirements and projected costs, please contact the CMS Secretariat at [email protected].

Last updated on 08 March 2024