2022/001: Call for Offers to Host COP14

The Secretariat has not yet received expressions of interest for hosting the 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (COP14), which is tentatively planned to take place during the last quarter of 2023.

The meetings of the COP are critical to take stock of and advance progress to implement the Convention, and it is vital that the planning for COP14 commence soon.  COP14 will consider numerous important issues that will help position CMS strategically for years to come. Among other items, COP14 will consider the role of CMS towards the achievement of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, next steps following the conclusion of the CMS Strategic Plan for Migratory Species  (2015-2023) as well as the programme of work on climate change and migratory species, the launch of the CMS flagship report on the Conservation Status of Migratory Species, and the results and implications of significant developments during the intersessional period relevant to migratory species and their habitats.

Hosting this important meeting will raise the profile of the host government and its conservation efforts and provide an opportunity to generate additional interest and support. Past CMS COPs and their locations are:   


COP13 India (2020)

COP6 South Africa (1999)

COP12 Philippines (2017)

COP5 Switzerland (1997)

COP11 Ecuador (2014)

COP4 Kenya (1994)

COP10 Norway (2011)

COP3 Switzerland (1991)

COP9   Italy (2008)

COP2 Switzerland (1988)

COP8   Kenya (2005)

COP1 Germany (1985)

COP7   Germany (2002)



The Secretariat requests CMS National Focal Points to actively engage and explore this opportunity within their governments and reminds Parties of the possibility of co-hosting the meeting with joint funding from two or more Parties.

Should you wish to express interest in hosting COP and receive more information on technical and logistical requirements and projected costs, please contact Ms Maria Jose Ortiz, CMS Legal Officer ([email protected]).

Last updated on 02 February 2022