2021/013: Call for Financial Support for the Implementation of the CMS Programme of Work

The thirteenth meeting of the CMS Conference of the Parties adopted an ambitious Programme of Work (POW) for the period 2020-2023.

Thanks to the generous financial and in-kind contributions of a number of governments and organizations, the CMS Secretariat has been able to make good progress on many aspects of the POW, and presented an update to the 52nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the CMS (StC52), 21 -29 September 2021 (UNEP/CMS/StC52/Doc.15).

As noted by the Standing Committee, significant aspects of the POW have received insufficient support for progress to be made.

The Secretariat has compiled a list of key activities that require financial support, provided in the Annex to the present Notification, and invites Parties and other potential donors to support them.

The Secretariat also encourages partner organizations to consider providing support for activities of common interest or to jointly mobilize resources for their implementation.

Please contact Ms. Laura Cerasi, Fundraising and Partnership Officer ([email protected]) to indicate your willingness to contribute to these efforts. An early response would be highly appreciated to enhance the Secretariat’s ability to plan ahead and spend funds in a timely manner.

Last updated on 14 December 2021