2021/002: Call for Financial Support for the Implementation of the CMS Programme of Work

The Secretariat is pleased to apprise you of progress and plans for the implementation of the Programme of Work of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

The Thirteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP13 - February 2020, Gandhinagar, India) successfully concluded with the adoption of a number of significant measures to address the conservation needs of migratory species and to guide the Convention’s work in the intersessional period.

The ambitious Programme of Work (POW) 2020-2023 comprises the mandates falling under the responsibility of the Secretariat, Standing Committee and Scientific Council, as reflected in Resolutions, Decisions and Concerted Actions approved by COP13 as well as ongoing instruments and initiatives.

Since COP13, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Secretariat has been planning and working to advance numerous priorities of the POW, while taking into account travel restrictions and other limitations linked to COVID-19. The Secretariat has received generous contributions from several governments and other donors for certain elements of the POW. Nonetheless, significant funding gaps exist.

The Secretariat has prepared a list of priorities for funding for 2021 included in the Annex to the present Notification and invites Parties and other potential donors to explore opportunities to support them.

The Secretariat also encourages partner organizations to consider providing support for activities of common interest or to jointly mobilize resources for their implementation.

Please contact Ms. Laura Cerasi, Fundraising and Partnership Officer ([email protected]) to indicate your willingness to contribute to these efforts.

Last updated on 02 February 2021