2019/003: Call Financial Support to CMS and its 13th Meeting if the Conference of the Parties

Following Notification 2019/001, the Secretariat is pleased to inform you that the necessary preparations for the Thirteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP13), including logistical arrangements, are well underway in close consultation and cooperation with the host country.
According to the provisions of Resolution 12.2 on the eligibility for financial assistance of delegates to attend the COP, it has been estimated that a minimum of €300,000 is necessary to cover costs related to the participation of one representative per country and of key members of the Scientific Council namely the Chair and the nine COP Appointed Councillors. Additional €50,000 would be required to implement promotional activities and produce COP-related communication materials.
The Programme of Work (POW) 2018-2020 outlines all other activities for the run-up to COP13. The financial and in-kind support obtained so far, although sizeable, only contributes to a small portion of the budget estimated for the POW. Furthermore, with COP13 being held so early in the triennium, the time available for the implementation of the POW is reduced significantly thus requiring re-prioritizing and reshuffling actions. A list of priorities for funding for 2019 is included in the Annex to the present Notification.
With a view to ensure the preparation of substantive inputs as well as the maximum attendance and geographical representation at COP13, the Secretariat calls upon the CMS community to provide any financial assistance. The Secretariat therefore invites Parties to explore any opportunity to allocate resources within their 2019 and/or 2020 budgets, depending on their fiscal years, to support the organization of COP13 and priority actions under the POW. Partner organizations are also encouraged to consider covering any shortfalls.
Please contact Ms. Laura Cerasi (laura.cerasi@cms.int) to indicate your willingness to contribute to these efforts.

Last updated on 29 March 2019