2019/001: Dates and Deadlines of CMS COP13

*Please also see Notification 2019/010 for a revised timeline for COP13

The UNEP/CMS Secretariat is pleased to announce the dates of the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP13).

COP13 and associated events will take place from 15 to 22 February 2020 in Gandhinagar, at the kind invitation of the Government of India. Further information about the Conference will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Parties are informed of deadlines for the submission of documents to COP13. The attached table provides the timeline for document submission, including deadlines for National Reports, proposals for the amendment of the Convention and its Appendices, and proposed Resolutions and Decisions. It also outlines the flow of documents through the Scientific Council and indicates when documents will be made available to Parties.

Following advice from the Standing Committee at their 48th Meeting, the possibility of holding the 49th Meeting of the Standing Committee in 2019 is being considered and will be communicated in due course.

Deadlines are established in the Convention text, as well as in the Rules of Procedure, adopted at COP12.

Parties are requested to submit all such documents to the Secretariat at cms.secretariat@cms.int, by the stated deadlines.

Further guidance on drafting Resolutions, Decisions proposals for the amendment of the Appendices and proposals for Concerted Actions will be provided in the near future.

Last updated on 30 April 2019