2018/001: Revised CMS Appendices

In accordance with Article XI, paragraph 5 of the Convention text, the amendments to the Appendices agreed at COP12 have now entered into force.

Revised versions of the Appendices have been posted on the CMS website in English,   French and Spanish.  Arabic, Chinese and Russian versions are being prepared and will be posted as soon as they become available.

The species added to the Appendices at COP12 are set out in Notification 2017/016.

In addition to the species added by COP12, the revised Appendices also take into account changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of already listed taxa consequent to the adoption by COP12 through Resolution 12.27 of a new standard reference for Passerine birds. The sequence of some taxa was also re-ordered according to the relevant standard reference.

Last updated on 01 February 2018