2017/015: Regional Consultation Meetings before and during the COP

The Secretariat would like to bring to your attention that there will be closed regional consultation meetings held daily from 22 October until the last day of COP12 (apart from the excursion on 27 October).  The first set of meetings will take place on Sunday 22October in the PICC from 9am to 10am, just before the 46th Meeting of the Standing Committee.

During the Conference of the Parties, the daily regional consultations will take place from 8.30am to 9.30am to fit with the COP schedule. This will allow you to confer on relevant agenda items internally before they are discussed during the plenary or the Committee of the Whole of that day. You are requested to conclude your consultations ten minutes before in order to allow enough time to settle in at the Plenary Room.

Registration on 22 October starts at 8am at the Philippines International Conference Center. For room allocations, please see the notice board in the venue.

Each (sub)regional group will have a focal person from the CMS Secretariat, who can assist you with any questions you may have.

Region Secretariat Focal Point Email address
Africa Ms. Clara Nobbe clara.nobbe@cms.int
Central Asia Ms. Lizza Protas yelizaveta.protas@cms.int
Middle East and Asia (except Central Asia) Mr. Lyle Glowka lyle.glowka@cms.int
Europe Mr. Borja Heredia borja.heredia@cms.int
North, Central and South America/Caribbean

Ms. Hanah Al-Samaraie

Mr. Francisco Rilla (UNEP)



Oceania Ms. Melanie Virtue melanie.virtue@cms.int

For further information, please contact your regional focal point.

The Secretariat recommends, where possible, that you liaise with your regional colleagues in advance to possibly already nominate a chair of the group and to coordinate the preparation.


Last updated on 11 October 2017