2017/004: Preparing for COP12

The Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) would like to remind all Parties to take appropriate steps to pre-register for the Twelfth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties at their earliest convenience. Especially for funded delegates, this is of utmost relevance.

To pre-register, please click on the following weblink: COP12 Registration

Please note that credentials signed by either the Head of State, Head of Government or Minister of Foreign Affairs must be provided when pre-registering for the event. A checklist on which action to be taken prior to the COP, can be found in Chapter 4 of the CMS Family Manual.

For further clarifications, please contact us at cms.secretariat@cms.int.

Beyond this, Parties are reminded to work on their National Reports in order to submit them in good time before the deadline (24 April 2017). Please be aware that the website of the Online Reporting System (ORS) has changed from the last reporting cycle. To access the ORS, please click on the following link:


Any queries regarding the system should be directed to Ms. Hanah Al-Samaraie, CMS Associate Capacity-Building Officer, (hanah.alsamaraie@cms.int).

Last updated on 15 March 2017