2016/038: Request for Information on Steps Taken to Implement Resolution 11.29 on Sustainable Boat-Based Marine Wildlife Watching

Resolution 11.29 on Sustainable Boat-Based Marine Wildlife Watching urges Parties “in whose areas of jurisdiction commercial operations involving marine boat-based wildlife watching take place, to adopt appropriate measures, such as national guidelines, codes of conduct, and if necessary, national legislation, binding regulations or other regulatory tools, to promote ecologically sustainable wildlife watching”.

Parties that have adopted relevant measures are requested to provide the Secretariat with copies of the related documents.  In order to facilitate this, Annex I contains a simple form which should be completed and returned to the Secretariat by 15 February 2017.

The CMS Secretariat will collate this information and use it as input to the review of existing agreed guidelines and good practicerequested of the Scientific Council, and based on this review develop guidelines as appropriate on marine boat-based wildlife watching for different taxonomic groups, differentiated if necessary by geographic areas.

Non-Parties which are Signatories to CMS marine species MOUs are also encouraged to complete the questionnaire.


Last updated on 20 December 2016