2016/034 Consultation on Draft Best Practice Guidelines to aid the Implementation of CMS Resolution 11.22 on the Live Capture of Cetaceans from the Wild for Commercial Purposes

In order to aid the implementation of Resolution 11.22, the Secretariat has developed draft Best Practice Guidelines.  They are intended to assist CMS Parties interested in improving existing national legislation or developing new laws prohibiting the live capture of cetaceans from the wild for commercial purposes and/or in taking stricter measures in line with CITES Article XIV with regard to the import and international transit of live cetaceans for commercial purposes that have been captured in the wild.

Your comments are sought on the draft guidelines, available at http://www.cms.int/en/guidelines/best-practice-live-capture-cetaceans, by 31 January 2017.  Please email your comments to cms.secretariat@cms.int.

Please note that at this stage, the document is available only in English.

The resulting revised version will be translated and presented to the 2nd Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council (ScC-SC2, July 2017) and subsequently to the 12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CMS (COP12, 22-28 October 2017, Manila, Philippines).

Last updated on 05 December 2016