2016/027: E-Learning Module on the CMS Family Manual Available on InforMEA

In preparation for the upcoming CMS COP12, the UNEP/CMS Secretariat would like to introduce to the Parties a dedicated CMS e-learning module based on the CMS Family Manual, hosted by the MEA information platform, InforMEA.

This modular learning course aims to refresh the reader’s knowledge of the Convention and its instruments as well as the processes required to participate successfully in the Conference of the Parties.  It consists of six units which cover aspects such as a background on the CMS Family, national reporting, administrative and financial matters, implementation, meeting preparation and funding. Advantages of this course are the simplified structure, the possibility of selecting the area the user would like to revise, to go back and forth within topics of interest, as well as the test at the end of each learning unit, where e-learners can review their progress and evaluate their knowledge.

This page can either be directly accessed through the CMS Family Manual Module on InforMEA or through the CMS Capacity-building webpage.

For further information or guidance as well as feedback on the course, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Hanah Al-Samaraie, Associate Capacity-Building Officer at UNEP/CMS: hanah.alsamaraie@cms.int.

Last updated on 05 October 2016