2016/009: Consultation Phase for CMS Family Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Marine Noise-Generating Activities

Parties to CMS, ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS have in several resolutions recognized underwater noise as a major threat to many marine species.  These resolutions also call for noise-related considerations to be already taken into account in the planning stages of activities, especially by making effective use of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Focal Points and members of the advisory bodies and relevant working groups of all three treaties have received a message encouraging comments on the draft CMS Family Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Marine Noise-generating Activities from Wild Migration.  The draft document is presented at http://www.wildmigration.org/consult.

Your comments are sought on the draft guidelines until 5 July 2016. Please follow the instructions on the website indicated above and send your comments directly to the consultants.

In order to ensure that the same guidelines can be adopted for use by the entire CMS Family, we are seeking comments from Parties to CMS, ASCOBANS and ACCOBAMS at the same time.  In the run-up to ASCOBANS MOP8, ACCOBAMS MOP6 and CMS COP12, respective Parties will be consulted on the draft resolutions to accompany the guidelines.


Last updated on 28 April 2016