2014/037: Call for Regional Nominations for the CMS Strategic Plan Implementation Working Group

CMS Parties are hereby asked to provide nominations for their region’s members of the Strategic Plan Implementation Working Group. Nominees should have knowledge of CMS, the activities of the CMS family of instruments, and the implementation of the Convention.

Working Group members have the task of overseeing the development (by a consultant) of Plan Indicators and of a Companion Volume on Implementation for the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023, and will consult with CMS Parties in their region.

Nominations should be sent by Parties to their CMS Standing Committee regional representative by 31 December 2014. If more than two nominations are received for a
region, the Standing Committee regional representatives will decide which ones shall be members. The Chairs of the CMS Standing Committee and the CMS Scientific Council shall be ex-officio members of the Working Group. The Standing Committee will advise the Secretariat of the members by 10 January 2015.

It would be desirable that the nominated candidates should be conversant with English, as the Working Group will normally work without translation.

Funding of Working Group members’ attendance at any meetings will follow usual CMS  criteria of eligibility and will be dependent on availability of financial resources.


Last updated on 11 December 2014