2014/029: Regional Allocation of Israel

To determine the membership of the Standing Committee and for other purposes, the Conference of the Parties has established six major geographic regions: Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, North America, and Oceania. See Resolution 9.15, paragraph 2(a), concerning the composition of the Standing Committee.

Each Party to the Convention is allocated to one of these regions. These regions are not clearly defined, and a Party may sometimes choose between two possible regions.

Within CMS, Israel has been included in Asia. In other intergovernmental fora, it is included in Europe. Israel has requested that it be included in Europe for CMS purposes and the Secretariat has therefore amended the list of Parties to make this change.

The Secretariat notes that this change does not affect the number of representatives of any region in the Standing Committee.

Last updated on 23 October 2014