2014/027: Progress on COP11 Documentation

Draft Resolutions

All draft Resolutions prepared by the Secretariat or submitted by the Parties and the Scientific Council by the deadline of 4 September 2014 have been posted on the COP11 Website since 19 September 2014, in accordance with the 45-day deadline (http://www.cms.int/en/meeting/eleventh-meeting-conference-parties-cms). A total of 33 draft resolutions were submitted for COP11 consideration. As a general rule, draft resolutions are in cluded as annexes to Conference documents. Documents including a draft resolution are identified with an asterisk (*) in Rev.2 of the Provisional Agenda and Documents

Comments from Parties on proposals to amend the Appendices of the Convention

In accordance with Article XI, paragraph 3, of the Convention, Parties were invited to communicate any comments on the proposals to amend the Appendices of the Convention to the Secretariat by 4 September 2014. As of the deadline, the Secretariat received submissions of comments from the following Parties: Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, the European Union and its twenty-eight Member States, Fiji, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Monaco, Mongolia and Palau. The comments received have been compiled as an Addendum to document UNEP/CMS/COP11/Doc.24.1


Last updated on 22 October 2014