National Reports

National Reports are the official documents by which countries report to the decision-making bodies of CMS and/or its instruments on the measures they have undertaken to implement the priorities of the instruments. National Reports provide an official record of national implementation of each instrument over time and collectively they draw the picture of the overall implementation of the instrument.

The National Reporting process is essential for the effective functioning of the instruments, and when properly carried out, can provide substantial benefits both to the instrument and to the country concerned. The reporting process holds immense value for the countries themselves by charting their own progress and identifying their future implementation priorities. It also helps countries to assess implementation and to plan with other countries. National Reporting provides information to increase awareness of national activities, help mainstream biodiversity issues across sectors and encourage and further investments in the national implementation of CMS and its instruments.

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Title Document Number Publish date Country CMS Instrument
Syria - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.41 27.04.2017 Syria CMS
Cook Islands - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.39 26.04.2017 Cook Islands CMS
India - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.35 25.04.2017 India CMS
Benin - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.34 25.04.2017 Benin CMS
Denmark - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.36 25.04.2017 Denmark CMS
Togo - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.37 25.04.2017 Togo CMS
Rwanda - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.38 25.04.2017 Rwanda CMS
Finland - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.27 24.04.2017 Finland CMS
United Kingdom - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.28 24.04.2017 United Kingdom CMS
Uganda - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.29 24.04.2017 Uganda CMS
Maroc - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.30 24.04.2017 Morocco CMS
Portugal - National Report COp12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.31 24.04.2017 Portugal CMS
France - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.33 24.04.2017 France CMS
Tanzania - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.32 24.04.2017 United Republic of Tanzania CMS
Australia - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.26 24.04.2017 Australia CMS
Chile - Informe Nacional COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.24 23.04.2017 Chile CMS
Costa Rica - Informe Nacional COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.25 23.04.2017 Costa Rica CMS
Madagascar - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.21 23.04.2017 Madagascar CMS
Burkina Faso - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.22 23.04.2017 Burkina Faso CMS
Ethiopia - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.19 22.04.2017 Ethiopia CMS
Ecuador - Informe Nacional COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.20 22.04.2017 Ecuador CMS
Congo - Rapport National COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.17 21.04.2017 Congo (Brazzaville) CMS
Serbia - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.16 20.04.2017 Serbia CMS
Kenya - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.12 18.04.2017 Kenya CMS
Latvia - National Report COP12 UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.13 18.04.2017 Latvia CMS