Dugong Poster Wins Award at Coral Symposium


Cebu, Philippines, June 2018 - Harris Heng, of the University of Malaya, was presented the Best Poster Award in a student competition at the 4th Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS) held from 4-8 June 2018 in Cebu, Philippines. Heing’s winning poster was based on a paper he co-wrote with Dr. Jillian Ooi and Dr. Louisa Ponnampalam, which mapped seagrass meadows in the Sibu-Tinggi Archipelago across seasons and identified the main dugong feeding grounds. The study provides understanding of what drives dugong feeding behavior, which can help design better protected areas for dugongs. At a symposium dedicated to coral reef ecology and conservation, it is notable that the Mr Heing’s poster was able to draw attention to the conservation of seagrass meadows and win the Best Poster Award.



Last updated on 02 July 2018