UN General Assembly Proclaims 3 March as World Wildlife Day

The United Nations is highlighting the intrinsic values and contributions of wild animals and plants, particularly endangered and protected species, by devoting 3 March as ‘World Wildlife Day.’ In

15 January 2014

Study to Confirm the Existence or Extinction of the Dugong in the Waters of Mauritius and Rodrigues

This project was undertaken by Community Centred Conservation (C3) and C3 Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Programme. The report from the project can be found to the right.

16 July 2018

Rapid Assessment of Dugongs and their Seagrass Habitat in Northern Madagascar

This preliminary study, conducted between June and October 2009, represents the first comprehensive survey of the dugong population and its habitat in northern Madagascar. It provided the means for piloting a low-cost, low-tech methodology, previously utilized with success in the Union of the Comoros, and only minor adaptations were necessary for its application in Madagascar, hence the resulting data are comparable.

16 July 2018


31 Octubre 2018


05 March 2021