Signatories and Range States

Countrysort descending Status Year of Signature CMS Party number Region
Australia MOU Signatory 2007 37 Oceania
Bahrain MOU Signatory 2010 AM Asia
Bangladesh MOU Signatory 2013 95 Asia
Brunei Darussalam Range State Asia
Cambodia Range State Asia
China Range State AM Asia
Comoros MOU Signatory 2008 AM Africa
Djibouti Range State 87 Africa
Egypt MOU Signatory 2013 1 Africa
Eritrea MOU Signatory 2007 89 Africa
France MOU Signatory 2007 32 Europe
India MOU Signatory 2008 1 Asia
Indonesia Range State AM Oceania
Iran Range State 106 Asia
Iraq Range State 124 Asia
Israel Range State 1 Europe
Japan Range State Asia
Jordan Range State 72 Asia
Kenya MOU Signatory 2008 58 Africa
Kuwait Range State Asia
Madagascar MOU Signatory 2007 101 Africa
Malaysia Range State AM Asia
Maldives Range State AM Asia
Mauritius Range State 86 Africa
Mayotte (France) MOU Signatory 32 Indian Ocean
Mozambique MOU Signatory 2011 112 Africa
Myanmar MOU Signatory 2007 AM Asia
New Caledonia (France) MOU Signatory 32 South Pacific
Oman Range State AM Asia
Pakistan Range State 25 Asia
Palau MOU Signatory 2010 107 Oceania
Papua New Guinea MOU Signatory 2010 AM Oceania
Philippines MOU Signatory 2008 43 Oceania
Qatar Range State Asia
Saudi Arabia MOU Signatory 2013 36 Asia
Seychelles MOU Signatory 2010 92 Africa
Singapore Range State Asia
Solomon Islands MOU Signatory 2010 AM Oceania
Somalia MOU Signatory 2013 20 Africa
Sri Lanka MOU Signatory 2012 33 Asia
Sudan MOU Signatory 2013 AM Africa
Thailand MOU Signatory 2011 AM Asia
Timor-Leste Range State Oceania
United Arab Emirates MOU Signatory 2007 123 Asia
United Republic of Tanzania MOU Signatory 2007 59 Africa
Vanuatu MOU Signatory 2010 AM Oceania
Viet Nam Range State AM Asia
Yemen MOU Signatory 2010 100 Asia

Designations used

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