In Memoriam: Dr John Elliot Reynolds III

It is with great sadness I write to let you know of the loss of a great friend, supporter and a source of inspiration to the CMS Dugong MOU family, Dr. John Elliot Reynolds III  who passed away on 23 December 2017.

As our tribute to John, we would like to share with you the keynote address that he gave at the Second Meeting of Signatories to the Dugong MOU held in Manila, Philippines in 2013.

We trust many of you will take this opportunity to reflect on John's great contribution to marine mammal conservation and will draw on the guidance, wisdom and knowledge John so generously provided. In doing this we hope that John continues to inspire and encourage us all to build on his legacy for the conservation of marine mammals.

We attach one of the tributes to John posted on MARMAM listserver.

Wishing you all a safe and productive 2018.


Donna Kwan

Programme Manager,  Dugong MOU Secretariat


Last updated on 03 January 2018