49th Standing Committee Meeting

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The 49th Meeting of the Standing Committee (StC49) of CMS will be held on 19 November in Bonn, Germany. 

It will form part of a sequence of CMS meetings held over two weeks, and including the 4th Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the CMS Scientific Council (SC-ScC4), the 2nd Meeting of the Working Group on the CMS Family Inputs to the Post 2020 Framework and regional meetings in preparation for COP13. 

StC49 documents and additional information will be added to this website as they become available.

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19 Nov 2019 09:00
OrganizerUNEP/CMS Secretariat
CMS InstrumentCMS
VenueLanger Eugen

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Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/StC49/Doc.2.1/Rev.1 Provisional agenda and documents
UNEP/CMS/StC49/Doc.2.2/Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/StC49/Doc.3.1/Rev.1 Implementation of the CMS Budget
UNEP/CMS/StC49/Doc.3.2 Implications of Arrears on the CMS Budget
UNEP/CMS/COP13/Doc.16 Election of Parties to the Standing Committee
UNEP/CMS/COP13/Doc.15.2/Rev.1 Appointment of Members of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/StC49/Doc.7/Rev,1 Decisions directed to the 49th Session of the Standing Committee
UNEP/CMS/COP13/Doc.17 CMS Contribution to the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework