Responsibilities of the SFPs:

  1. SFPs fill out a yearly template that organizes information in a uniform way, including project summaries and links
  2. SFPs network among researchers studying the respective species.
  3. SFPs provide an overview of projects/activities for each species to the Secretariat
  4. SFPs advise Secretariat on species status, emergencies, action needs
  5. SFPs attend expert meetings (1 or at most twice a year)
  6. SFPs encourage shared methodologies among researchers working on the species and share their own methodologies
  7. SFPs inform the Secretariat of latest research and scientific updates on the species, including unpublished reports or findings, if appropriate
  8. SFPs liaise with their relevant IUCN specialist groups and other professional networks
  9. SFPs together with NGOs and other experts, offer to provide information to Parties regarding the monitoring and reporting on implementation of the CAMI POW.
  10. SFPs network among each other to address common threats
  11. SFPs assist with preparation of outreach activities, concerning respective species by providing advice to the Secretariat, as well as relevant materials and contacts, if applicable


Responsibilities of the Secretariat:

  1. The Secretariat to provide template
  2. The Secretariat will provide more feedback and keep in contact with the SFPs through regular communication
  3. The Secretariat will provide political support to the SFPs when/if possible
  4. The Secretariat hosts a web page for the SFPs. This web page will contain latest research and news that the SFPs could contribute to. This website will list all projects related to POW current or recent.
  5. The Secretariat hosts a list of up to date literature references on the species
  6. The Secretariat shares information on SFPs with other organizations (EU, CITES, etc)
  7. The Secretariat will finalize SFP process by end of year; website finalized
  8. The Secretariat finishes review and revision by end of each year