In Memoriam – Dr Lkhagvasuren Badamjav (1959-2019)

Bonn, 8 August 2019– it is with great sadness that the staff at the CMS Secretariat learned of the passing of Dr Lkhagvasuren Badamjav, a long serving and well-respected member of the CMS Scientific Council.  Dr. Lkhagvasuren died on 1 August 2019.

“Lhagva”, as he was more commonly known by friends and colleagues, was Associate Professor and Leading Scientist at the Mammalian Ecology Laboratory, of the Institute of General and Experimental Biology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.  He was also chair of the Mongolian Gazelle Conservation Society, and one of Mongolia’s most eminent specialists in large mammals, particularly Mongolian Gazelles, Saiga Antelopes, Khulans and Przewalski Horses.

Dr Lkhagvasuren had served as Mongolia’s Scientific Councillor for 20 years and was the first person to raise the issue of the impact of infrastructure and fences on mammal migration in Mongolia, presenting a report on the subject to the Scientific Council in 2011.  It was his goal to transform the Trans-Mongolian Railway into a passable feature for the open plain wildlife that depends on interconnected landscapes.  After three years negotiation with the railroad company and other stakeholders, Lhagva achieved a lifelong ambition to have the fence along the railway adapted or removed in selected places to facilitate the migration of Khulans across the Gobi and Eastern Steppe.

Dr Lkhagvasuren will be sorely missed, and the thoughts of the Secretariat are with his family and friends.

Last updated on 08 August 2019

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