MOS2 MOU on the Conservation of Southern South American Migratory Grassland Birds and their Habitats

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Grassland Birds MOU

The MOU on the Conservation of Southern South American Migratory Grassland Bird Species and Their Habitats was concluded under the auspices of CMS and became effective on 26 August 2007. Under the Convention on Migratory Species, the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay agreed to work together towards better conservation of migratory species of grassland birds of Southern South America and developed the MOU text. Brazil has signed the MOU too.

The grasslands of south-eastern South America, comprising one of the most extensive grassland ecosystems in the Neo-tropics, have suffered negative impacts from the development of the livestock industry, arable agriculture and forestry. The grasslands have a rich avifauna that includes 22 globally threatened and near-threatened species, and many other species have suffered local population extinctions and range reductions. In addition to habitat loss and fragmentation, grassland birds in these ecosystems are threatened by improper use of agrochemicals, unfavourable fire management regimes, pollution and illegal capture and hunting.

The First Meeting of Signatories (MOS1) took place in Asunción, Paraguay, the 15 December 2010. The Signatories adopted an Action Plan which focuses on protecting and managing habitats for the migratory grassland birds by identifying new protected areas, providing financial incentives to local cattle ranchers, coordinating monitoring and research of grassland biodiversity among countries, conducting threat assessments, raising awareness and enhancing international cooperation towards developing a legal framework for the preservation of grasslands. In addition, it recommends actions to be taken outside of protected areas to help conserve habitat on private land.

The Second Meeting of Signatories (MOS2) will take place 24-25 July 2018 in the city of Florianópolis, at the kind invitation of the Government of Brazil.


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24 Jul 2018 to 28 Jul 2018
Registration Deadline10.06.2018
OrganizerCMS Secretariat
CMS InstrumentCMS, Southern South American Grassland Birds

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UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/List of Participants Lista de Participantes
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Meeting Report Informe de la reunión
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UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.1 Agenda Provisional Aves de Pastizales
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.1bis Agenda Anotada y Programa de Trabajo de la Reunión
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.2 Formato y periodicidad de los informes nacionales
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.2.1 Informe Nacional del Uruguay
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.2.2 Informe Nacional de Brasil
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.2.3 Informe Nacional del Paraguay
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.3 Plan de Acción para la Conservación de Especies de Aves Migratorias de Pastizales del Sur de Sudamérica y de sus Hábitats
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.4 Lista de Actividades Prioritarias para las Aves Migratorias de Pastizales del Sur de Sudamérica
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.5 Consideraciones de nuevas especies
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.6 Presencia de las especies del Memorando de Entendimeinto sobre aves de pastizal en otros países de las Américas
UNEP/CMS/MOS2/GRB/Doc.7 Mecanismo de coordinacion del Memorando de entendimiento sobre Aves de Pastizal