12th Scientific Council Meeting

The location on the map is approximate!
31 Mar 2004 to 03 Apr 2004
OrganizadorCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
Instrumento de la CMSCMS
PaisUnited Kingdom

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UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.1 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.2.1 Provisional Schedule
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.2.2 Provisional List of Documents
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.3 Towards a Strategy for the CMS Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.4 Draft CMS Strategic Plan 2006-2011
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Concerted Actions for Appendix I Species / Groups
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Attach 1 Review of the Status and Conservation Actions for CMS Concerted Action Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Attach 2 Lesser White-fronted Goose
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Attach 3 Leatherback Turtle
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Attach 4 Mountain Gorilla
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5 Attach 5 Humboldt Penguin
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.5.1 Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus): Update of the Status and Conservation Progress
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.6 Concerted Actions, Agreements and Cooperative Actions - The Operational Tools of CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.7 Cooperative Actions for Appendix II species
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.7.xx Reports from Focal Point Councillors on implementation of Cooperative Actions for species under their responsibility
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.8 EIA and Migratory Species: Review of Existing Relevant Guidelines, Identification of Possible Gaps and Recommendations for the Future Work of the CMS Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.9 Electrocution and collision of birds with power lines - A preliminary review
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.10 Impact of offshore wind turbines on migratory mammals and birds - A preliminary review
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.11 Draft Proposal for the Inclusion of the Bukhara Deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus) on Appendix I and II of CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.12 Draft Proposals for the Inclusion of Bat Species on CMS Appendices
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.13 Report on a Feasibility Study on Additional Bats Agreements under CMS
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.14 Resolutions Adopted by the VI World Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls (Budapest, 18-23 May 2003) Relevant to the Establishment of CMS Agreements
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.15 Overview of the Status of Small-scale Projects Financed by the CMS Trust Fund
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.16 Project Proposals Submitted for Funding through the CMS Small Grant Programme
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.17 CMS and the 2010 Global Biodiversity Challenge
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.18 List of Range States of Migratory Species included in CMS Appendices
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.19 Specification of Requirements for a Study on Climate Change and Migratory Species
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.20 Observer’s Report on the 2003 Meeting of the IWC Scientific Committee
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.21 Draft Proposal for the Inclusion of the Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) on the Appendices of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Doc.22 Revised Draft CMS Strategic Plan 2006-2011 (at 23 March 2004)
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Número Título Archivos
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.1 Report of the 11th Meeting of the Scientific Council (Bonn, 14-17 September 2002)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.2 List of CMS Scientific Councillors
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.3 Rules of Procedure for the Scientific Council
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.4 List of CMS Parties as at 1 February 2004
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.5 Text of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.6 Appendices I & II of the Convention
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.7 List of common names of species included in Appendices I & II
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.8 Resolutions and recommendations of the Conference of the Parties relevant to the work of the meeting
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.9 Guidelines for the preparation and submission of project proposals (as adopted by the CMS Scientific Council at its 11th meeting)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.10 Impact of Fisheries Bycatch on Endangered Migratory species
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.11 Guidelines for Application of IUCN Red List Criteria at Regional Levels (Version 3.0)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.12 Memorandum of Understanding between the CITES Secretariat and the CMS Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.13 Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO and the CMS Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.14 Memorandum of Co-operation between the UNCCD Secretariat and the CMS Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.15 Memorandum of Co-operation between the CMS Secretariat and IUCN – The World Conservation Union
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.16 Joint Work Program between CMS and the AEWA Agreement and Wetlands International (WI)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.17 Joint Work Plan between the Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) and the CMS Secretariat and between the Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) and the AEWA Agreement Secretariat
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.18 International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.19 CMS Bulletin - Issue no. 18, November 2003
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.20 The Scientific Council of CMS: Future Working Practice
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.21 The significance of artificial barriers to migration across international borders
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.22 AEWA Newsletter, Special Issue #1: Lead poisoning in waterbirds through the ingestion of spent lead shots
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.23 Background information on Avian Influenza
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.24 FAOAIDEnews Issue no. 6 – Update on the Avian Influenza situation (As of 23/02/2004)
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.25 CAUTION: ELECTROCUTION – Suggested practicies for Bird Protection on Power Lines
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.26 Protecting Birds from Powerlines: a practical guide on the risks to birds from electricity transmission facilities and how to minimise any such adverse effect
UNEP/CMS/ScC12/Inf.27 Windfarms and birds: An analysis of the effects of windfarms on birds, and guidance on environmental assessment criteria and site selection issues